Max Verstappen seeks his 13th win of 2022 at the U.S. Grand Prix | OKBET Formula 1 Betting Update

Max Verstappen seeks his 13th win of 2022 at the U.S. Grand Prix OKBET Formula 1 Betting

Oddsmakers do not believe that Max Verstappen will face a significant amount of opposition during the Grand Prix of the United States. The 2022 Formula One World Champion, who has already been crowned, has odds of -200 to win the race on Sunday at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin (3 p.m. ET, ABC). Charles Leclerc, who drives for Ferrari, is currently the second favorite to win the race, despite having odds of +500. The only other drivers with odds to win that are better than +1400 are Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton, who both have +800 odds.

It should come as no surprise that Verstappen is the overwhelming favorite to win the second race of the season, which will take place in the United States. On circuits like COTA, which feature lengthy straightaways, the Red Bull car has been extremely successful. After having a poor start at Spa (he was 14th), Verstappen raced to an easy victory at Monza (he was seventh), where he easily overcame the competition.

In Japan, Max Verstappen secured both the Formula One championship for the year 2022 as well as his 12th victory of the season.

Even though Verstappen already has the title under his belt, there is no reason to believe that COTA will be any different from previous races. On October 9, in bizarre rainy circumstances at Suzuka, he was able to secure the championship for his team.

Since the race was cut short due to rain and because Leclerc went off the track in the final two corners while defending a move from Perez, Verstappen easily won the race after it was delayed by rain and started from the pole position. However, he had to wait to find out if he was the champion because the race was shortened due to rain.

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Verstappen was declared the winner of the race after the FIA made it official that the race was for full points and that Leclerc was given a penalty for his excursion off the track.

If Verstappen were to take home victory number 13, it would put him ten points ahead of both Perez and Leclerc in the standings. The only other driver to win a race so far this season is Carlos Sainz, as Lewis Hamilton and George Russell of Mercedes look to go the rest of the season without a victory.

The following is a list of some of our preferred wagers for the race that will take place on Sunday via OKBET

Max Verstappen will take the pole position (-120)

Because COTA has such a long back straightaway, we are skeptical about Ferrari’s chances of winning pole position there. It’s probably best to take these odds rather than the lower ones that were offered for Verstappen to win the race.

The possibility that Sergio Perez will place in the top three is worth +100.

Although Perez has not shown the same level of mastery of the Red Bull car as Verstappen, he should have a significant advantage over the Mercedes cars because of their slower acceleration. That indicates that all he may actually need to do to finish in the top three is win against one of the Ferraris.

It was Verstappen who turned in the fastest lap of the race (+125).

The only thing that could possibly go wrong at this point is if he gets so far ahead of the rest of the competition that he has to give someone else a free late pit stop so they can go after the bonus point.

The odds of Valtteri Bottas finishing in the top ten are +160.

This is a little bit of a risk, but the odds, in addition to the COTA upgrades that Alfa Romeo has implemented, make us willing to take it. A newly redesigned front wing is one of the new components that the team will be adding to the car.

The race will be won by Verstappen by a margin of 10 seconds, and he will also have the fastest lap. Additionally, Red Bull will have the fastest pit stop (+600).

Why shouldn’t they? Let’s get wild. It’s possible that Ferrari and Leclerc can keep up with Verstappen, but we don’t have much faith in that happening.

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